ECCO Electronics is a professional factory which focuses on board mount and chassis mount DC/DC converter and AC/DC converters as designing and manufacturer. In order for the customer to provide you a full for technical supports and product services, and let ECCO Electronics to provide all the product needs except for existing standard unit you have been buying from us , if you have any requests for OEM projects, please do not hesitate to contact us directly and enhance our mutual cooperation relation and future growth. We can get involved to work with you in accomplishing all planned projects and design it to fit your equipment from the beginning of the project. Thus , we will provide more closely services to you in OEM supports and we would visit you for helping understanding if necessary.

      We have been involved in developing more potential products and organized a very strong engineering group to handle all OEM projects whose engineers were selected from existing designing team into our OEM service group, they also have enough experiences in the field of OEM project in the past few years. In addition, we also joined with an experienced purchaser in getting more inexpensive materials but high quality and also established a supplier chain in connection with material vendors and provide the advantage of China production for cost reduction , during the process of our cooperation, we will also assign a senior sales person to provide aggressive and quick response in obtaining better communication with you . Please contact us with priority if you have any new project, and we will try to give you with satisfied response as we can.

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