ECCO Electronics is a professional factory which focuses on board mount and chassis mount DC/DC converter and AC/DC converter as designing and manufacturer. In order for the customer to provide you a full for technical supports and product services, and let ECCO Electronics to provide all the product needs except for existing standard unit you have been buying from us , if you have any requests for ODM projects, please do not hesitate to contact us directly so that it can save your time in search of others suppliers and enhance our mutual cooperation relation and future growth. We can get involved to work with you in accomplishing all planned projects and design it to fit your equipment from the beginning of the projects. thus , we will provide more closely services to you in ODM supports and we would visit you for helping understanding if necessary .

      We currently have about 2 of designing engineers  for technical solutions , and it still in increasing , during the time of developing new products , we never give up for developing new product series to fulfill the market trends ,and we can provide a special design for customer equipment purposes , such as , DC-DC Battery Charger etc , ECCO ELectronics's engineers are a well-rounded , highly skilled , each engineers whom they can provide their expertise and good personal manner and are easy to work with and are willing to put in extra effort to get the job done on time , owing to product development has been our heart work in expanding our product advantage ,specially in product size , price, quality, function and its safety requirements and are expected to meet your expectation. you can visit our website to get more information what product ranges can be available or voltage modification to meet your requirement . Furthermore , production efficiency is extremely helpful for our future business ,so we will pay our all efforts to resolve your technical problems and are trying vigorously to get an extension on our work . If you have similar projects that we can serve you please contact us , we definitely believe that valuable products development will enable us to successfully take on the challenge of our closely work and future growth.

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